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LP CARES™ is our uniquely designed “our pleasure” service delivery model that is guaranteed to ensure our healthcare practitioner clients and business customers have a “stress free” staffing solution experience. We pride ourselves on effectively managing the 3P’s – People, Placement and Processes in an effort to effect a mutually satisfactory locum tenens experience. In other words, we value the persons involved as much as the placement and we stay engaged for the duration of the assignment. From our proprietary requisition consultation to our “every i dotted” credentialing process through our after care survey and all points in between, you’ll experience the LP difference.

LP….Where opportunity and staffing solutions converge and quality healthcare is the result!!


Locum Physicians is 100% devoted and proficient at identifying Physicians and Allied Health providers that are ideally suited to meet your temporary staffing and permanent placement needs in a variety of specialties. As a result of our uniquely designed and proprietary LP CARES™ model, systems and processes, we are able to effectively attract and retain healthcare professionals as members of the LP family network of providers. It has been said that “word of mouth” is the best advertisement. LP has superbly benefit from this in that all of our healthcare professionals have referred at least one other colleague after having had the pleasurable experience of working with LP!!



  • Client/Provider DELIGHT GUARANTEED
  • LP Cares™…Before, During & After Placement
  • “Best Practice” Processes drive Efficiency
  • Credentialing Support – Hands-on; Results-driven & Timely
  • We place 80% of our Physicians with 10 days of request
  • Within 24 HOURS – Initial Consultation & Job Posting Guaranteed


Locum Physicians prides itself on ensuring that both business clients’ and healthcare practitioners’ requirements are met for the duration of the placement. While many staffing agencies seem to vanish after the placement has been made, LP Post Placement Promises ensure mutual satisfaction and customer delight as it pertains to BOTH the Healthcare practitioner and the Client organization. Our LPeople receive intensive and informative, hands-on training pertinent to ONE specialty either in the Business Development or Staffing Relations aspects of the business in an effort to ensure they are fluent or well-versed in their niche area and responding to needs and any concerns that may arise for the duration of the placement. With proficient staff and LP Care™ “best practice” processes, we are able to deliver on our POST-PLACEMENT PROMISES of Mutual Satisfaction and Customer Delight!!


  • LP CARES™ service delivery model GUARANTEES that every detail is managed from the initial staffing requisition through the post-placement survey. Furthermore, it is “our pleasure” to exceed your expectations!!
  • LP CARES™ GUARANTEES a “stress free” locum tenens experience. We obsessively value the practitioners involved as much as the placements.
  • LP CARES™ GUARANTEES effective management of the 3P’s – People, Placement and Processes to ensure a mutually satisfactory locum tenens experience.

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